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System Requirements

-FocalPoint has been tested on Windows 10 systems. Any half-decent modern-ish laptop should run it. The more fixtures you have, and the more intensively you use it, the more processing power you'll need, but for reference, I run it on a Lenovo X220 Tablet from 2012, and havn't had any problems yet!
-A touch screen computer is preferable, but it will work on a non-touch screen system

-FocalPoint has also been tested on OSX- I recommend a minimum of 10.11 (El Capitan). Again, the more you are asking of it, the more processing power you will need.

-Currently, only EOS-based systems are supported- FocalPoint has been coded in such a way so as to support other systems, indeed MA, Chamsys and Hog are all on the wish list, but I'm not entirely certain yet how (if) I can communicate bi-directionally in the necessary ways. If you're interested in helping out, please drop me an email!

Demo Version

See the table to the right for links to download the demo version of FocalPoint. The demo version is fully functional, with the exception that it will not save or load the Virtual Stage, and is limited to 20 minutes of 'Live' use in a session- you can take as long as you need to in 'Edit' mode, or setting up the control panel to talk to devices or consoles (Settings will save to give you ample opportunity for testing).

Full Version

The full version of FocalPoint can be purchased via the links in the downloads table. The link will take you to our online shop hosted at E-junkie where you can pay via Paypal or credit/debit card. Once you have completed the transaction you will be sent a link to download the program, and a serial number for online activation.

iPhone App

The iPhone App is available on the App Store- either follow the link in the table, or search for "FocalPoint App" on the App Store.

Please note, if you downloaded the demo before 5pm on the 8th of January, there was a bug that prevented it from starting. This has now been corrected- sorry for any inconvenience!

FocalPoint v1.1 User Manual
FocalPoint 1.1 for Windows Demo
FocalPoint 1.1 for Mac Demo
FocalPoint 1.1 for Windows
FocalPoint 1.1 for Mac
FocalPoint App

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